New fee's September 2021

Dear Parents,

We have learned over the past few years that the lessons are the enjoyable part of the business but that there are many operating costs and hours of work spent organising, advertising, answering queries etc. that were not being addressed in our previous prices.

In order to keep the lessons looking great in the kids eyes and for the teachers to be able to focus on making sure everyone is having fun, feeling comfortable, is using proper equipment etc. and looking towards the future , we have decided to increase our tuition fee's. 

From September 2021 classes will go from €8 lesson to €9 lesson 

Extra costs covered: drum maintenance, insurance, rent, signage, music licensing, tutorial video production, covid protocol and sanitisation

Our yearly registration fee of €25 per child remains the same: This covers administration and online platform fees for Stripe and Class4kids etc. plus the price of each childs wristbands.
We hope you find these few extra costs agreeable.