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Hi Guys, 
Eimhin here, 
After many months of meetings we are delighted to finally be able to announce details of our end of term Mega Bash at the Blackbox Galway!
Creating exciting performance experiences for our drummers is part of our ambition which is why we decided to go big and perform in the Black Box! Our original plan was to have all bands together on stage at once but, with over 500 children in our Drumadore Steps programme, for safety and capacity reasons this is not possible. 
Instead we have split our drummers up by location and bands. This means each concert will feature "super" bands made up of kids from the same bands from different parts of Galway! 
For safety and capacity reasons we must allow 2 hours between each concert. We are aware that this may inconvenience some families with kids in multiple concerts but we are hoping you might be able to make a day of it in Galway. 

Concert 1

10-10.30am White,Yellow bands from Headford, Tuam, Ballinrobe Guest performance from Down Syndrome Ireland group.  

Concert 2
12-12.30pm White,Yellow bands from Barna, Moycullen, Galway City, Oranmore, Claregalway  

Concert 3. 
2-2.30pm Orange,Green bands from Headford & Tuam & Ballinrobe Blue bands from Ballinrobe 

Concert 4. 
4-4.30pm Orange,Green bands from Barna, Moycullen, Galway City, Oranmore, Claregalway Guest performance from Teens (all schools).  

Concert 5. 
6-6.30pm Blue, Purple, Red, Black bands from Headford, Tuam, Purple bands from Ballinrobe  

Concert 6. 
8-8.30pm Blue, Purple, Red, Black bands from Barna, Moycullen, Galway City, Oranmore, Claregalway 

Book Online before June 2nd:
To know what concert to book - see schedule at bottom of page and then
Book online: TICKET LINK 

Ticket prices are as follows: 
Adult ticket: €10
Child ticket: €5
Drummer ticket: FREE
We have tried to keep the ticket prices as reasonable as possible. 
There is a €1 booking fee per ticket. 
Obviously drummers don't pay but they need a ticket to get in and to manage capacity we need to account for their seat so when purchasing tickets please include them and then use the discount codes below by entering in the "PROMO Code section"- these discounts are for Drumadore Steps students only. Depending on how many children you have performing use the appropriate promotional code below.
DRUM23BLACK discounts 1 child ticket to zero
DRUM23BLACK2 discounts 2 child tickets to zero (for 2 siblings)
DRUM23BLACK3 discounts 3 child tickets to zero (for 3 siblings)
Multiple concerts: Adults/families who have paid for one ticket are granted access to all performances that include their children for the day. Please buy your first concert via the booking link and then complete this form to get free tickets emailed to you for additional concerts.
Capacity: The capacity allows for 3 tickets PER drummer. We would ask you not to book any more than this at first. If some people are not attending due to holidays etc. and more tickets are available closer to the time we will release more. 
We would kindly ask you to book your tickets before Friday the 2nd of June to allow further planning, releasing of tickets and any extra information. 

If you've already ordered your tickets and have a query about them email : or call 091 569777 




Media Consent: 

If you wish your child to participate in this event please let us know by submitting the consent form.

This event is being filmed and photographed for posterity and to share clips on our social media platforms. We understand that some parents/guardians prefer their children not to be photographed or filmed. In the case of this special event, it will be impossible to omit those who don't want to be on camera from footage and photographs in post-production due to the group nature of the performance.
N.B By participating in the event you are consenting to filming and photography. 

Consent form

On arrival and what to wear:
What to wear:
- All drummers are to arrive wearing ALL BLACK - we will be loaning out Drumadore t-shirts to wear for the duration of the concert - the t-shirts will be collected at the end.
- Please arrive a half hour before showtime. 
- Drummers are to collect their Drumadore t-shirt in the foyer and then be seated with their family in the audience until they are called to the stage. 
- There will be Drumadore staff in the aisles to assist and plenty of guidance from the stage too!
Mega Drum Bash - Concert Program!
Please go through below list to find your child's concert time. If you are unsure what colour band your child is in please check your class4kids account or send us a message.

Each concert will contain performances from The Bash Brothers, Big Chungus and other special guests as well as big drumrobics performances from every band.

The students will perform their drum piece for the term (see youtube tutorial video sent via whatsapp for home rehearsals!). 
Concert 1
White,Yellow bands from 
Headford, Tuam, Ballinrobe 
Guest performance from Down Syndrome Ireland group. 
Concert 2
White,Yellow bands from
Barna, Moycullen, Galway City, Oranmore, Claregalway 
Concert 3. 
Orange,Green bands from
Headford & Tuam & Ballinrobe 
Blue bands from Ballinrobe
Concert 4. 
Orange,Green bands from
Barna, Moycullen, Galway City, Oranmore, Claregalway 
Guest performance from Teens (all schools). 
Concert 5. 
Blue, Purple, Red, Black bands from 
Headford, Tuam,
Purple bands from Ballinrobe 
Concert 6. 
Blue, Purple, Red, Black bands from
Barna, Moycullen, Galway City, Oranmore, Claregalway 
Thank you all so much for your patience in relation to this event and I hope you were able to keep the date free and that it suits most people. It'll be a really exciting day for the kids. 
I can't wait for it myself! 
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