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How do I enrol?
Go to our online Class4Kids booking page to see the classes available.


Classes are open for enrolment for the first three weeks of every term, they then close. In the meantime you you will be able to join the waitlist or book into next term. If you've any questions our office team are happy to take enquiries at

What class should my child join?

We divide our classes up according to age and use primary school class as a guide. Experience is not relevant.

What should my child bring/wear to class?

1. Dress them in comfortable clothes for lots of movement!

2. Their Drumadore wristbands - each child will be given wristbands as part of their registration! Wear them every week to class!

3. Drumsticks - every child must bring their own sticks. Drumsticks are available for 6euro from your class teacher if you wish to buy a pair.

What does enrolment include?
  • Weekly Drumadore Steps classes from our amazing skilled teachers (30 minutes duration)
  • Drumadore wristbands (new colour each year) and Drumadore Moves Poster
  • Online drum piece tutorial video for home practice every term
  • End of Term Concerts -  perform for your family and friends at the 'End of Term' concert (4 per year)
  • Opportunities to join our drumming and performance events
  • Drumadore Youtube channel - join the weekly fun and silliness on our drum channel- a great way to inspire our young drummers
When can I join?
  • Classes open for enrolment two weeks before the start of every term (we follow the school terms). 
There's a waitlist for the class I want my child to join?
  • Some classes fill up and a waitlist will apply. If spaces arise we contact you and offer you a space via email.

Can my child attend...he's 4 years old ?
The drum patterns and class structure is geared for five year olds and up. All of our teachers are drummers and an intrinsic part of the classes involves music lessons which require a certain level of ability to enjoy!
We’ve seen children younger than five get frustrated and lose interest fairly quickly. Children of five years (or already in junior infants) and up are perfectly challenged and get more out of it. So in most cases, it's best to hold off if your child is still 4.

My child has never played drums before....will he/she be ok to join?
Absolutely...beginners are welcome! The lessons are pitched to the specific age group .... yes there will be varying ability within each group but the lessons are structured so that everyone enjoys the beats taught and are given the opportunity to progress within their own level of skill. Think of it like how the GAA does it - you join other children of your own age regardless of previous experience.

My two children are different ages - can I send them to the one class to avoid two pick ups?
Yes, we understand this makes life a lot easier and make allowances for siblings. We suggest that the older sibling join the younger sibling so that both students are able for their classes.

Class Prices - September 2022
9euro per class + 25euro yearly registration per child / year
A 10% sibling discount applies to class fee.
Payment per term
BENEFITS of Drumadore Steps
  • Learn the 50 Drumadore Steps moves
  • Master simple to complex drumming rhythms and techniques
  • Work as a team and perform together
  • Build confidence and progress wristband colour every year
  • Super FUN and feel good workout!
  • Build dexterity, muscle strength and coordination!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions ! 
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