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Rhythm of Life

Drumming for our older citizens

“The Rhythm of Life” is a 10-week drumming programme for our older citizens. There are two strands in two locations in Galway County.
The first strand is a gentle drumming programme in Mystical Rose Nursing Home in Claregalway. This drumming activity uses yoga balls sitting in baskets as drums which are lightweight and not loud when played. The “drums” are played while participants are in a seated position. Participants will drum along to familiar songs from their youth that may conjure positive memories and feelings of happiness and wellbeing.
At the end of the 10 weeks, Drumadore will treat the residents to a performance by Drumadore’s professional Drum Troupe.

The second strand has a more dynamic drumming style with each participant using a drum on a drum stand. The participants are from Moycullen Active Retired Group. The group will learn a variety of rhythmic patterns, using them to form polyrhythms. The programme will culminate in a celebratory performance by the group for family, friends and the local community.  

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